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Fire Retardant Threads

  • Fire Retardant Socks
  • Fire Retardant Socks
Fire Retardant SocksFire Retardant Socks

Fire Retardant Socks

  • Inherently flame retardant socks
  • soft
  • abrasion resistant
  • breathable
  • Product description: The fire retardant socks are specially designed for firefighters, racing drivers, smelting and welding workers.

Fire Retardant Socks

Protection & Comfort

Lenzing FR Viscose with Nomex®, Aramid, Wool, Elastane, etc.
60 to 100 grams
Size One Size for all / Seperate sizes
As per customers' patterns
1. Firefighter Socks (Fireman socks)
2. Racing Socks
3. Cyclists Socks
4. Welder Socks
5. Smelting Socks
6. Military Socks
7. Other FR socks

Advantage / Property of Each Material

Aramid(e.g. Nomex®, X-fiper®)
Excellent flame resistance
Wool (e.g. Merino Wool)
Good flame retardance / comfort /breathability
Viscose (e.g. Lenzing FR®)
Excellent flame resistance and comfort
High strength
Elastane (e.g. Lycra®)
Elastic / comfort / durability

Wear with Assurance and Relax

Overall speaking, compared with traditional 100% meta aramid socks, our fire retardant socks possess the flame resistance of the same high level, while it is softer, more breathable, and more skin friendly.

It is a perfect combination of fire resistance protection and comfort!

A Quality Worthy of Trust!

Advanced Machines and Experienced workers

Category of the FR Socks: heat resistant socks, racing socks, nomex socks, firefighter socks, and flame retardant socks.

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