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At Sunluz, we devote ourselves into fire retardant fabric and accessories development and production, to meet a myriad of market needs and create better value for our customers.

Based on separate requirements, high-performance materials are carefully chosen, such as Aramid, FR Modal, Wool, PAN Carbon fiber, FR Mod acrylic, FR Polyester. By appropriate fiber blending, the fabrics and accessories are compliant with prime international standards such as EN ISO 11612, EN 469, and NFPA 2112. In the meantime, we try our best to reach balance among performance, comfort, and economy.

The fire retardant fabric and accessories are widely applied to oil and gas fire resistant clothing, firefighter apparel, police and military uniform, racing suit gear, children's sleeping bags, train seat fabric, aircraft upholstery fabric and soundproofing, furnace and pipe insulation, hotel and hospital bed linen, blind out curtains, as well as fabric air duct.

Wherever there is a need on fire protection and insulation, we are at your beck!


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