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  • Aramid Fabric for Oil and Gas Coverall
  • Aramid Fabric for Oil and Gas Coverall
  • Aramid Fabric for Oil and Gas Coverall
Aramid Fabric for Oil and Gas CoverallAramid Fabric for Oil and Gas CoverallAramid Fabric for Oil and Gas Coverall

Aramid Fabric for Oil and Gas Coverall

  • Inherently Flame Retardant Fabrics
  • Antistatic
  • Comfortable
  • Meeting EN ISO 11612 / Other FR Standards
  • Product description: Find high quality aramid fabric for oil and gas coverall here. Email, info@lion-protect.com.

Aramid Fabric for Oil and Gas Coverall

--- be sure of the fire protection you wear

For the garment made of inherently flame retardant fabrics, its flame resistance is built into the fiber, which will never be worn away or wash out. Through this way, it offers steady FR protection to the wearer, and brings confidence, and peace of mind to those who work in an environment of fire hazard.

Both aramid and viscose FR fibers are inherently fire retardant, with LOI (Limited Oxygen Index) no less than 28%. These materials of high level of fire resistance serve as the cornerstones of our fire retardant fabrics.

Following are our basic fabric lines for protective clothing in oil and gasoline industry.


1. 93% meta aramid (Nomex® or other brands), 5% para aramid (Kevlar® or other brands), 2% antistatic fiber

2. 49% meta aramid, 49% Viscose FR (Lenzing FR® or other brands), 2% anti static fiber


Orange, Royal blue, red, green, and Other Customized Colors


150 gsm, 180 gsm, 200 gsm, 260 gsm


EN ISO 11612, EN ISO 11611, NFPA 2112, EN 1149


Fire Retardant Coverall, Flame Retardant Jacket, Flame Resistant Pants

Comparison on the two composition

93/5/2 composition is originally developed by Dupont. As a classic composition, it is widely accepted. While 49/49/2 blends is relatively new, but it's getting popularity, thanks to its balance between fire resistance and comfortability.

Here are a concise comparison between the two.

93/5/2 Meta aramid / Para aramid / Anti static
49/49/2 Meta aramid / Viscose FR / Anti static
Flame resistance
equally excellent
Color fastness
to light
lower if piece dyed
(grade 2-3, or grade 3, depends on colors)

better if piece dyed
(grade 3-4 or no less than grade 4, depends on colors)

higher strength
lower strength
Comfort level
less comfortable
slightly stiff hand feeling

more comfortable
a soft hand feeling

Other customized blends / weights can be developed and manufactured according to clients' specific requirements.

So just let us know your demands, either to achieve a more comprehensive protection, to get stronger in one special aspect, or to simply be more unique to stand out.

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