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  • Racing Suit Fabrics
  • Racing Suit Fabrics
Racing Suit FabricsRacing Suit FabricsRacing Suit Fabrics

Racing Suit Fabrics

  • 100% meta aramid fabric
  • flame retardant
  • bright colors
  • qualified color fastness to light
  • Product description: Fire Retardant Racing Suit Fabrics For Drivers And Motorcyclists! More Details at, info@lion-protect.com.

Racing Suit Fabrics

Normally we use blends of multiple materials to reach balance between protection and comfort for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) fabrics. However, when it comes to racing suit fabrics, we would stick to 100% meta aramid fiber. The only purpose is to make sure the fabrics have required strength for protection for the drivers in the tough environment.

We constantly improve the dyeing technology with the dyeing mills, which enable us to present a racing suit fabric with more satisfactory color fastness, to washing, or to light.


100% meta aramid (such as Nomex ®, X-fiper®, Arawin®)

Property Inehrently fire retardant fabrics


180 gsm, 200 gsm

After finish

Shinny treatment if required

Color Option

Yarn dyed, piece dyed, dope dyed

Regular colors

There are solution dyed meta aramid to choose from too (dope dyed)

to reah higher color fastness requirements (no less than grade 4)

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