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Kevlar ThreadKevlar Thread

Kevlar Thread

  • Fire Retardant
  • High Strength
  • Durable
  • Product description: Offering quality Kevlar Thread of high strength and durability.

Kevlar Thread

Kevlar® is Dupont’s brand name for its para aramid fiber, which was introduced to the market nearly half a century ago and its high performance in many amazing ways has been well testified by time.

100% Kevlar® para aramid fiber
Yarn Count
Ne 40s/3 (Tex 45), Ne 30s/3 (Tex 60), Ne 20s/3 (Tex 90)
Permanently fire retardant / extremely high strength
200 - 300 grams / cone, 27 kgs / carton

Kevlar thread features,

A. Advantage

1. Excellent heat resistance. There is no obvious strength loss at a temperature of 180℃(350℉).

2. High strength. Kevlar is nearly two and a half times as strong as nylon and polyester. And it is five times as strong as steel by same weight basis.

3. No melt, no drop of Kevlar thread when burning. So secondary injury to body can be avoided when Kevlar thread is applied.

B. Disadvantage

1. Limited stretch. The breaking elongation of Kevlar thread is 2 to 3% only.

2. Poor UV resistance. The natural bright golden color of Kevlar thread turns to dark at a fast speed when exposed to sun light. Its strength would be also affected if exposed for a long period. (Attention should be paid in this regard. Well reserve your Kevlar thread.)

3. Low color fastness if dyed. Normally Kevlar threads come in natural golden or black color. Some other colors are achievable too such as red and green, but it depends on the specific color shade, as it is a much more challenge to dye Kevlar thread than cotton or nylon. Color fastness of yarn dyed Kevlar thread is usually lower than Grade 3, which means the color would easily wash out or fade by light.

The advantage much overweighs the disadvantage.

Wide industries are applicable, such as,

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