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  • Firefighter Socks
  • Firefighter Socks
Firefighter SocksFirefighter Socks

Firefighter Socks

  • Fire retardant socks
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Product description: Durable Firefighter Socks, Inherently Flame retardant and comfortable.

Firefighter Socks

Firefighters are required to equip themselves from head to toe because of their tough working environment where heat and flame can inundate everything like flood. Firefighting helmets, jackets, pants, gloves, and boots are all indispensable as the outer shielding. It is important too to have fire retardant underwear inside to provide another barrier between the skin and the outside in case the outer gear is torn by the fire. The firefighter socks play the same role for foot protection. The combustible items can drop into the boots and cause burning or melting of the socks and further damage the feet. The purpose of wearing the fire retardant socks is to avoid such a case from happening.

The firefighter socks we developed are made of inherently fire retardant fibers, such as Lenzing FR (a cellulose fiber, modal based), meta aramid, and wool, etc. It naturally stands out when compared with other FR socks in the market.

The comparison

Strong Points Weak Points
FR Cotton firefighter socks low cost / comfortable

the after treated flame resistance will be wash out after a certain washing cycles

Mod acrylic firefighter socks

low cost / comfortable

serious shrinkage during burning, which could lead to second injury

100% meta aramid firefighter socks

good flame resistance

not very comfortable
Lenzing FR/aramid/wool firefighter socks

great flame resistance

Soft, comfortable, and breathable, and reasonable price

no obvious disadvantage

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